Orthophthalates are recommended for the manufacturing of FRP components by Hand Lay-up, Spray-up, Filament Winding, Clear Casting, Photo Lamination, Automobile Applications, and Vacuum Bag Moulding techniques.

Orthophthalates are medium viscosity and medium reactive Unsaturated Polyester Resins which have a base of Orthophthalic acid and standard glycols dissolved in Styrene monomer. This resin wets the surface of glass fibres in the form of cloth, roving mat or chopped fibres to produce variety of laminates. It rapidly preserves and parades smooth and tack-free surface.

As most of the carbon compounds are, unsaturated polyester resins are also inflammable. There does not exists any kind of fully fire-proof resins, but it is possible to make polyester resins which are self-extinguishing or flame-retardant that means the cured resin rests burning once the source of ignition has been removed.

Other most widely used applications for Orthophthalic Resin includes but is not limited to manufacturing of Cooling Towers, Bathtubs, Doors, Housing Domes, Statues, Mannequins, Stone Coating, etc.