Gelcoat is generally a thixotropic version of Polyester Resin. It is usually a kind of tough and rigid resin. Gelcoats are generally pigmented and applied to a cold mould surface earlier to the moulding or lay-up operation.

Gelcoats manufactured by Polymer Industries have good mechanical properties and water resistance and it is resistance to mailed chemicals and ultra-violet light. The resin is specially formulated considering the huge demand of our clients. These gelcoats are tailor made to meet the diverse need of FRP/GRP industry. Ortho-Gelcoat has glossy effect on surface after cured.This pigmented layer then co-reacts with the moulding resin during the curing cycle to become an integral part of the moulded product. Gelcoat therefore delivers continuous coloured surfaces deprived of any subsequent finishing operation. Meanwhile when it exactly reproduces the mould surface, the gelcoating procedure eradicates the fibre pattern which is sometimes objectionable in reinforced polyester parts.

The Gelcoat will produce a mirror image of the mould surface and it is possible to produce anything from a porcelain-like finish to a grained textured pattern. Gelcoat surfaces are presently being extensively used on boats, automobile and truck parts, luggage, furniture, swimming pools, bath tubs, chemical storage tanks, etc.